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An Ing PhD is looking for a post-doc position in radioecology

[ post doc proposal and cv ]
Ján Mihalík, young scientist, seeks a post-doc position in a radioecological laboratory focused on the uptake of radionuclides into plants and radionuclide migration in soil. His previous investigation was focused on a chemical induced uranium uptake (phytoextraction). Moreover, he has already had an experience with…
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A PhD position at SKB, Sweden

[ Application deadline: 30 March 2012 ]
A SKB-hosted PhD position concerning U and Ra in the Forsmark area is available. Marie Curie Training Network - MetTrans - Metals Transport in the Environment MetTrans is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network of academic and industrial partners with a focus on outstanding issues in the migration of metals in the environment. As a…
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[ Seeking a position as a Senior Scientist ]
Brief description: seeking a position as a Senior Scientist, managing a group of radioecologists or scientists with related expertise in both theoretical studies and applications of radioecology (e.g., waste management, risk evaluation, etc.). Randall C. Morris has 20 years experience in radioecology and related fields, extensive…
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