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1 R&D engineer position in Radioecology and Tracers Studies - University of Denmark

[ Deadline for application: 30 March 2020 ]

Technical University of Denmark, Department of Environmental Engineering (DTU Environment) is looking for a skilled and experienced R&D Engineer who will work with scientists, students, and technical staff at the department to determine radioactive substances in wastes, environmental and biological samples.

Deadline for application: 30 March 2020

The job
The job will be carried out in the Section of Radioecology and Tracer Studies, with the following primary areas of responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of radioactivity measurement instruments and development of methods relevant for environmental engineering in the field of radioactivity.
  • Determination of radioactive isotopes by radiometric techniques and ICP techniques
  • Date processing and programming using various dedicated software
  • Participate in research projects within environmental tracer studies and nuclear decommissioning
  • Training, technical support and quality control for routine and commercial analyses

Our expectations of you

  • PhD or Master degree with professional background in nuclear physics and/or radiochemistry
  • Experience with radiometric techniques (including alpha, beta, gamma, and LSC)
  • Skills in sample handling and radiochemical analysis
  • Demonstrated experience with ICP techniques (ICP-MS and ICP-OES)
  • Demonstrated and profound experience with nuclear instrument software, programming, and practical electronics instrumentation (GENINE 2000, Matlab, LabVIEW, etc.)
  • Motivated and able to fulfil tasks independently while maintaining a strong team spirt
  • Proactivity in self-learning in order to develop new skills
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