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New Job-Alert: 3 Opening Positions at IER, Fukushima University

[ Deadline for Applications: No later than Tuesday, February 25, 2020 ]

The Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (IER), Fukushima University, invites applications for 3 opening positions.

Please share this information with your colleagues and share your nominations and suggestions for these appointments.

The Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (IER) was established on July 1, 2013, as an open hub for advanced research on the behavior of environmental radioactivity in Fukushima Prefecture. IER is run under joint administration by Fukushima University and other partner universities/research institutions from around the world which possess experience and expertise in this field.
Our mission is to support the revitalization of Fukushima Prefecture from an academic perspective by scientifically clarifying the behavior and long‐term effects of radioactivity on the environment resulting from the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident.
IER also aims to function as a base for research located in Fukushima and is actively accepting and supporting scientists from Japan and overseas wishing to conduct research in Fukushima while promoting advanced joint research.

  • 1 Fixed‐term, Full‐time Project Professor/Project Associate Professor
Research Field: Radiation Effects and Radioecology (Plant Radioecological Effects, Animal Radioecological Effects, etc.)

Within the field of Environmental Radioecology, research focusing on the effects of radiation from the individual to ecosystem levels, which is essential to the mission of IER, includes not only the direct effects from radiation but also indirect effects such as the change in number of wild animals. Especially in the difficult-to-return zone where people's entry has been restricted by the government, lack of land management led to overgrowth of plants and increase of wildlife population, which have been causing various problems.

Details and application:

  • 1 Fixed‐term, Full‐time Project Associate Professor
Research Field: Mesurement and Analysis (Development of Radiation Measurement Systems, etc.)

The leading‐edge study of environmental radioactivity requires radiation measurment by utilizing various equipment, development of devices and methods for radionuclides analysis, and development of techniques for analyzing the dynamics of radionuclides at the micro to macro level. Further, IER has been storing and managing soil samples collected immediately after the nuclear accident in 2011.

Based on the above, we invite applicants who are capable of approaching the Environmental Radioactivity Science by applying various equipment for radiation measurement, as well as capable of actively developing new research by utilizing the soil samples from 2011.

Details and application:

  • 1 Fixed‐term, Full‐time Project Assistant Professor
Research Field: Biological Effects of Radiation (Plant Radioecological Effects, Animal Radioecological Effects, etc.)

In the field of Biological Effects of Radiation, recently developed methods, such as up-to-date technologies in Molecular Biology and cellular or molecular level mapping technology by utilizing microscopic technology could lead to new findings at the low level of radiation dose. We invite young researchers who have research experience using such new methods and are capable of actively engaging in research that capitalizes on the location of Fukushima University, such as radiation effects that are observed but of which mechanisms have not been sufficiently elucidated.

Details and application:

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