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2 PhD contract offers on radioecology granted by CNRS

[ Aubière, France ]

1st Subject Thesis Grant (Doctoral Contract, CNRS)

"Modeling radiation exposure of microorganisms living in mineral radioactive sources"

PhD offer (M/F) to work on modeling radiation exposure of microorganisms living in mineral radioactive sources using GATE and Genat4-DNA. Radioactive mineral springs are unique ecosystems where ionizing radiation can act as an “abiotic driver” impacting the diversity and structure of microbial communities.Within the context of Zone-Atelier Territoires Uranifères (, several laboratories from three CNRS institutes (Nuclear and Particle Physics, Chemistry, Ecology and Environment) have started exploring interactions between radionuclides and microorganisms living in these springs in the French Massif Central.To disentangle the effect of ionizing radiations from chemical toxicity of radioelements, we propose a PhD dedicated to the Monte-Carlo simulation of the radioinduced DNA damages to two microbial communities (diatoms and cyanobacteria) living in these sources.  The simulation will use the GATE and GEANT4-DNA toolkits and build upon biological, chemical and radiological data collected in naturally radioactives springs from France, Czech Republic and other countries (possibly in Asia).

Application: Students interested are invited to apply on the job site of the CNRS and for this thesis subject at the following link

General information:
Reference : UMR6533-VINBRE21-001
Workplace : Aubière, France
Date of publication : Wednesday, June 05, 2019
Scientific Responsible name : Breton
Type of Contract : PhD Student contract / Thesis offer
Contract Period : 36 months
Start date of the thesis : 1 October 2019
Proportion of work : Full time
Remuneration : 2 135,00 € gross monthly

2nd Subject Thesis Grant (Doctoral Contract, CNRS)

"Diatoms, model microorganisms, to study and decipher the transfer of radionuclides in aquatic biotopes whose radioactivity is derived from human activity ((TE) NORM)"

PhD student in environmental sciences (radioecology) (M/F). The axis "(TE) NORM & Biocenoses" of the Zone Atelier Territoires Uranifères (ZATU, has for ambition to carry out projects which will make it possible to lift conceptual and methodological scientific locks in the determination and understanding on the impact of natural radioactivity and radionuclides on biocenosis. An important issue in biotopes characterized by low-dose release of radionuclides following anthropogenic activity ((TE) NORM) is their transfer to living organisms and its consequences on the biocenoses inhabiting these biotopes. Recent studies have shown that diatom species in natural radioactive mineral sources in Auvergne present deformations in their external silica skeleton (frustule). In addition, the diatom frustule is suitable for studying the transfer mechanisms of radionuclides. Thus, we propose to study during a thesis funded by the CNRS (Doctoral Contract, CNRS) diatom communities in the ATELIER site (Rophin mine), more specifically from upstream to downstream of a stream characterized by a gradient of radioactivity. We will compare the communities of diatoms living in ATELIER site to those living in naturally occurring radioactive biotopes (i.e. mineral springs (ZATU observatories)) with the aim to determine if the origin of the radioactivity has a specific impact. A second part of the thesis will focus on the analysis of the fossil diatom communities that populated the ATELIER site and the observatory sites of the ZATU in order to determine the impact or not of the exploitation of the uranium mine on the structuring and the functioning of diatom communities in these biotopes.

Application: All candidates must apply on the job site of the CNRS ( and for this thesis subject  on this link /Offres/Doctorant/UMR6023-DAVBIR-001/Default.aspx

General information:
Reference: UMR6023-DAVBIR-001
Place of work: Aubiere, France
Name of the director of Thesis: David BIRON (CRCN, LMGE, UMR CNRS / UCA 6023)
Name of the co-director: Aude BEAUGER (IG, GEOLAB, UMR CNRS./UCA/LIMOGES 6042)
Type of contract: CDD PhD student / Doctoral contract
National Section: Continental Surface and Interfaces
Term of Contract: 36 months, Starting date of thesis: October 1, 2019
Working time: Full time
Remuneration: € 2,135.00 gross monthly
Key words: Radioecology, Radionuclides, Biocenosis, Interactions between radionuclides and microorganisms, Transfer of radionuclides, diatoms.

Further information: Interested candidates can contact us for more information: Aude BEAUGER (, David Biron (

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