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An Ing PhD is looking for a post-doc position in radioecology

[ post doc proposal and cv ]

Ján Mihalík, young scientist, seeks a post-doc position in a radioecological laboratory focused on the uptake of radionuclides into plants and radionuclide migration in soil.

His previous investigation was focused on a chemical induced uranium uptake (phytoextraction). Moreover, he has already had an experience with DGT measurement.

The Ján Mihalík's potential post doc proposal is entitled: Internalization of uranium-citrate complexes in Helianthus annuus and a role of iron transporter in uranium uptake and translocation in Arabidopsis.



But note that this proposal is not restrictive: "However, I am able to extend my experiences in another field of radioecology."

Please contact Ján Mihalík at or feel free to forward his cv to anyone you think might be interested.

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