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Training course on mixture toxicity in the frame of the STAR project

[ 27-30 September 2014 - Mol, Belgium ]

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN as Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology is an important partner for education and training projects in Belgium as well as at international level. 

If you wanted to know all about the possible interactions of different stressors on organisms and the implication of this in risk assessment you should enrol for an inspiring workshop on mixture toxicity and risk assessment that will be held in the framework of the network of excellence STAR from the Januray 27-30, 2014 in Mol, Belgium.


This workshop will be a mixture of theoretical presentations and individual practical calculation sessions.

The workshop is open for researchers and PhD students interested in the field of radioecology and mixture toxicity.

Registration before January 5th 2014

Introduction and scope

Contaminants never occur in isolation yet legislation is still largely based on effects of single compounds. In addition, more and more data are becoming available that suggest that compounds can exert effects in organisms when present in mixtures in concentration ranges at which the single contaminants do not induce effects. This workshop intends to introduce participants to some of the approaches and methodologies used in studying and predicting mixture toxicity effects.

This workshop aims to provide:
- A description of the principal concepts of concentration addition and independent action for predicting mixture toxicity;
- An overview of ways to address deviations from the existing reference models;
- An in-depth knowledge on the concept of the Dynamic-Energy-Budget (DEB) theory, and the effects of toxicants and mixture exposure within this theory;
 Practical statistical approaches to be able to describe dose-effect relationships;
- Concepts on environmental risk assessment approaches in an multiple contaminant context.

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