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Radioecological sensitivity: an operational tool in federating radioecological knowledge

[ TG Leader: F. Carini, franca.carini@unicatt.it ]

During the last decades, various needs have evolved concerning radioecology. The scientific needs are now requiring to take due account of uncertainties, modern techniques of spatialization, spatial and temporal variabilities, etc... The society needs require to be appropriately captured within the methodologies of risk assessment. The operational tools for decision making need, within all this knowledge, to make sense.

This Task Group, entitled "Radioecological sensitivity: an operational tool in federating radioecological knowledge" is now launched to explore the possibilities of using the radioecological sensitivity concept in order to fulfill the needs above-mentioned.

The main questions to be explored are:
- how can we simplify representing the effects of radioaactive contamination on a territory ?
- what are the radioecological criteria shared by stakeholders (criteria used by decision makers as a basis for decision / criteria of significance for people living in the territory of concern) ?
- how can spatial data be acquired in real time on the status of the main components of environments vulnerable to pollution ?

A preliminary core group of 8 members from Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria has been set up. Any person wishing to join this group is very welcome, and should contact the TG leaders.
(catherine.mercat-rommens@irsn.fr; franca.carini@unicatt.it)


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