Book on Chernobyl Catastrophe and Consequences

[ By J.T. Smith & N.A. Beresford, 2005, eds. Springer Publishers ]

With the environmental risks, costs and benefits of nuclear power currently being hotly debated, a new book: Chernobyl: Catastrophe and Consequences provides a definitive account of the worst nuclear accident in history. The consequences of Chernobyl continue to influence the public and political debate on nuclear power, but this debate is often muddied by myths and misconceptions concerning the accident. This new book provides an authoritative summary of what we have learnt from Chernobyl and of the scientific consensus on the health and environmental impacts of the accident.

Title: Chernobyl - Catastrophe and Consequences
Springer Praxis Books
Authors: Smith, Jim T. Beresford, Nicholas A.
Publisher: Praxis Publishing Ltd, Chichester, UK,
Series: Springer Praxis Books
Pub Date: 2005.
ISBN: 9783540280798



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