Rene Kirchmann - Bibliography

A complete list of publications of René Kirchman is available on a CD-Rom. If your are interested to get one, send your full name and address to the secretariat.

Dear Colleague Radioecologist,
It appeared useful to me to place at your disposal a selection publications of work which was undertaken since 1960 in various fields of Radioecology on the initiative of the enthusiastic colleagues who collaborated within the framework of the activities of the Radioecology Section of the Center of Study of the Nuclear Energy in Mol.
This selection relates to the principal research carried out by these researchers during this time, unfortunately all their work could not be digitized in pdf either because the drawn-with-share were not currently available any more or because the original scientific reports/ratios were too bulky to be scanned.
You will however note that at the end of each section set of themes it there with the complete list of the publications relating to the topic concerned. Certain documents still exist in the files, others not unfortunately and in this case it is necessary to turn over to the review indicated in the reference of the article.
By this CD I hope to provide you a source of information of value, which can contribute to the widening of knowledge on the scientific level.
Cordially and good work,
Ir René Kirchmann
Professionals / Scientists