[ The effect of Radiation on Biocoenoses ]


The effect of Radiation on Biocoenoses
An update on Radionuclides Transfer in the Food Web.
Van der Stricht & Kirchmann, Editors, June 2001. 624 pages
ISBN 2-9600316-0-1

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This book presents an extensive overview of the fields of sciences developed mainly during the last half-century. The present textbook is designed to help in the education of trainee radioecologists. The target reader is considered to be a student having obtained his first degree.

Thus the book is an introduction to Radioecology, intended to provide a broad radioecological background rather than a description of the latest research findings and interpretations. However, it includes many references to the original research papers and the advanced literature.

The book aims at maintaining and safeguarding expertise acquired in the field of radioecological studies. Emphasis is put on theoretical and technical aspects such as environmental sampling techniques and modelling of dispersion and transport of radionuclides in the environment. This expertise should remain of essential concern to authorities and operators in the nuclear energy sector.

The book provides reference reading for nuclear industry managers as well as engineers and scientists who want to increase their knowledge with respect to Radioecology. Lecturers and readers in the life sciences may find it a useful source of information.

The editors
Etienne Van der Stricht (IUR fellow, Horonory Director of the European Commission)
René Kirchmann (IUR Honory General Secretary, University of Liège, Belgium)


  • Historical perspectives; introduction to radioactivity and to ecology
  • Sources of ionising radiation in the environment
  • Dispersion and transfer in the terrestrial environment
  • Dispersion and transfer in the aquatic environment
  • Effects of ionising radiation on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  • Effects of ionising radiation on ecosystems
  • Assessing the radiological impact of releases to the environment
  • Management of radioactive releases to the environment
  • Accidental releases and countermeasures
  • Decision-aiding techniques
  • Technical appendices, glossary, definition of terms


A. Aarkrog, R. Alexakhin, JP. Baudin, J. Bell, Y. Belot, N. Beresford, R. Blust, P. Bourdeau,
C. Bunnenberg, JJ. Calembert, A. Cigna, R. Comans, P. Coughtrey, L. Foulquier, G. Gerber,
F. Hambuckers-Berhin, F. Harrison, J. Hilton, B. Howard,R. Kirshmann, J. Knezovich, A. Konoplev,
L. Léon Vintró, I. Linkov, J. Lochard, P. Mitchell, S. Nielsen, M. Pally, N. Pattenden, J. Remacle,
W. Schell, T. Schneider, G. Shaw, B. Smith, M. Thorne, C. Vandecasteele, E. Van der Stricht,
M. Vanhees, G. Voigt, B. Wilkins

EDITED by Etienne Van der Stricht & René Kirchmann
624 pages, 15 x 23 cm

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