The “FORUM”, a collective initiative prompted by IUR to promote worldwide harmonization of Radioecology networks

The IUR « FORUM » delivers interim collective decisions with respect to worldwide harmonization of radioecology networks
  • September 2014
The “FORUM”, a collective initiative prompted by IUR to promote worldwide harmonization of Radioecology networks, was launched on September 10th, 2014, on the occasion of the 3d ICRER conference held in Barcelona (Spain).
See the presentation of the FORUM delivered in plenary session at the 3d ICRER conference. 

Organizational scheme of “Research and expertise synergy in radioecology”

This figure (click on to download) illustrates the connections among the networks, the flow of scientific information, how that is used, and how that gives rise to further research requirements
=> The fifteen initial founding networks members of the FORUM produced a synthetic overview on the discussions held and the decisions made.
Based on the presentations and discussion it was concluded that there was a clear need for a better description and common understanding of the roles and functions of the various networks concerned with radioecology R&D, the interface with international regulatory bodies, and how consensus on assessment of risk can be achieved and communicated.
A collective proposal was made that the IUR should take the lead in launching a “FORUM” as a tool to promote radioecology internationally, with three key objectives:
(1) communication, both among regional and technical radioecology networks and with other networks with an interest in the application of the results of radioecology,
(2) global integration and construction of consensus on key scientific radioecology issues,
(3) maintenance of expertise.
Additional networks active in radioecology or relevant scientific disciplines are now joining the FORUM. If you are representing such kind of a network and are interested to join, please, contact IUR (
See the last updated list of networks members.
  • December 2014

This list has been completed in december by institutes within the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Radiobiology actively working in the field of radioecology:

- Russian Institute of Radiology and Agroecology (Obninsk),

- NPO "Typhoon" (Obninsk),

- Lomonosov Moscow State Institute (MSU), chair of radioecology and ecotoxicology (Moscow),

- National Research Nuclear University "MIFI", chair of ecology (Obninsk),

- Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, (Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, UB RAS) (Ekaterinburg),

- Institute of Biology, Komi Research Center of  UB RAS (Syktyvkar),

- Institute of Biophysics of the Sybirean Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Krasnoyarsk),

- Urals research center of Radiation medicine (Chelyabinsk),

- Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (Moscow)

- Burnazyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center (Moscow) 


The FORUM expects to hold in next workshop in 2015. More details on the location, date and content, still to be defined.


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