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ICRER 2011

[ June 19 - 24, 2011, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada ]
Environmental radioactivity
International Conference on Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity 2011 Theme: Environment and Nuclear Renaisssance ( ) 1st Conference announcement pamphlet attached : information flyer         Organized by McMaster University, Norwegian…
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International Workshop on Radium-226 Environmental Behaviour

[ 4-5 May 2010, Châtenay-Malabry, France ]
Environmental radioactivity
Background Radium-226 (Ra-226) is a member of the uranium-238 (U-238) series decay chain and is found in minute quantities in a wide range of uranium-bearing rocks. Mining and processing of these rocks, for a wide range of industrial purposes, gives rise to waste containing elevated concentrations of Ra-226 relative to those normally…
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