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2nd Conference of SERA

[ 17-21 November 2014 - Nouméa, New Caledonia ]
Environmental stressors
Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) meetings aim to provide an essential international forum for scientists and practitioners who look to restoration as a means to conserve the planet's dwindling biodiversity and failing ecosystems. These meetings provide a critical…
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Woods Hole Fukushima meeting

[ 9 May 2013 - Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA ]
Environmental radioactivity
  Fukushima and the Ocean - Exploring the Impacts of Radiation on the Ocean. A workshop dedicated to an examination of natural and human sources of radiation in the ocean, what was released from Fukushima, impacts on marine ecosystems and human health, public policy implications, and how information is communicated…
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MSc/PhD Course in Environmental Radiobiology

[ 24-28th June 2013 - Oslo, Norway ]
Environmental radioactivity
MSc/PhD Course organised by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and Stockholm University, supported by DoReMi and STAR 5 ECTC accredited course open to any students and free. Course Aims and Overview The aim of the course is to give students an overview of the fundamental principles of radiobiology, but within the…
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2nd International Conference on Po and radioactive Pb isotopes - INCO-PoPb-2013

[ 11-13 February 2013 - Mangalore, India ]
Environmental radioactivity
The 2nd International Conference on Po and radioactive Pb Isotopes will be held in Mangalore University in India during February 11-13 2013. The 1st conference in this series was held at University of Seville, Spain during October 26-28, 2009 and about 150 scientists from about 40 countries attended this conference. The primary…
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Workshop on non-lethal methods for measuring contaminant burdens in wildlife

[ 12-13 September 2012 - Jesus College, Cambridge, UK ]
Environmental stressors
Background Conventional approaches to determining contaminant burdens in animals use lethal sampling and analysis methods.  Given the ethical considerations associated with conventional sampling methods and the fact that many species are protected, there is growing international interest in the use of non-lethal methods.  …
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International Symposium - 50th anniversary of the Belgian Association for Radiological Protection

[ 8-10 April 2013 - Brussels, Belgium ]
International Symposium on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Belgian Association for Radiological Protection BVS-ABR: "Challenges for Radiological Protection for the next 50 Years". Symposium topics - The evolution of guidance and regulations in a changing society In a near future, both the European Commission and the IAEA…
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12th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements - ICOBTE 2013

[ 16-20 June 2013 - Athens, Georgia USA ]
Environmental radioactivity
Conference theme: sustainable remediation and management of contaminated sites The biennial ICOBTE Conference brings together scientists, professionals and policy makers providing a multidisciplinary arena for discussing the latest scientific developments concerning the biogeochemistry of trace elements and metalloids, analytical…
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6th SETAC World Congress 2012

[ 20-24 May 2012 - Berlin, Germany ]
Environmental radioactivity
The Society of Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry (SETAC) organizes this 6th edition on the theme Securing a sustainable future: Integrating science, policy and people . SETAC’s focus will be on integrating different views and disciplines, on balancing the conflicting interests of stakeholders and on addressing societal…
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