Our actions

The overall objective of the Union is to promote radioecology worldwide, in all its dimensions, from research activities to expert advice and operational management. An overarching role of the Union is to perpetuate a “think tank” capacity on radioecology issues through the maintenance of an efficient network of scientists and professionals.


  • IUR activities are organised through a number of Task Groups (brain storming), meetings, workshops, conferences and training courses.
  • IUR also publishes Reports, Newsletters and occasionally, electronic letters for relevant scientific events.
  • The IUR WEBSITE supports the stream of information exchanges and enables wider distribution among the IUR members and the scientific community worldwide - in addition to Networking
  • IUR promotes the dissemination of recent scientific achievements facilitated by an affiliation of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity is affiliated to IUR.

Professionals / Scientists