Fifth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research - RAD 2017

Fifth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research - RAD 2017

[ 11-16 June 2017 - Budva, Montenegro ]

The Fifth International Conference on Radiation and Applications in Various Fields of Research (RAD 2017) will be held at the Slovenska Plaža Complex in Budva, which is the most famous place at the Adriatic Sea cost in Montenegro, in the period from June 11 to June 16, 2017.

The RAD Conferences gather people from various fields of research (natural science, medicine, environmental protection, engineering, as well as social sciences and humanities), representing the right choice for biologists, chemists, physicists, medical doctors, environmental protection specialists, electrical engineers and many other professions.

Conference Website:

Call for abstracts - Deadline : 30 November 2016

General conference topics:
Radiation Chemistry
Radiation Physics
Radiation in Medicine
Radiation Measurements
Radiation Protection
Radon and Thoron
Radiation Detectors
Radiation Effects
Medical Physics
Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Oncology
Cancer Research
Environmental Chemistry
Neutron and Heavy Ion Radiations
Microwave, Laser, RF and UV radiations
Medical Imaging
Medical Devices
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Biomedical Engineering

However, everyone whose work is not directly related to the listed topics to send us the abstract(s) and participate in RAD 2017 Conference.

Up to 3000 characters long abstract(s) (including spaces), without figures, equations, tables and references, could be entered via the abstract portal at the ABSTRACTS page: You can import and change your abstract(s) until the abstract submission deadline, November 30, 2016.


Fazilet Zumrut Biber Muftuler, Ege University, Turkey - Peter Bosew, German Federal Radioprotection Authority, Germany - Olivera Ciraj Bjelac, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia - Aleksandar Jakšić, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland - Vladimir Jurišić, University of Kragujevac, Serbia - Jin Kyu Kim, University of Science and Technology, South Korea - Yong Nam Kim, Kangwon National University Hospital, South Korea - Ines Krajcar Bronić, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia - Gregor Kramberger, Jožef Štefan Institute, Slovenia - Kiril Krezhov, Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgaria - Željko Marković, University of Belgrade, Serbia - Alexander Nikiforov, National Research Nuclear University, Russia - Barbara Obryk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland -  Alberto Palma, University of Granada, Spain - Tatjana Paunesku, Northwestern University, USA - Ioana Pintilie, NIMP Bucharest, Romania - Goran Ristić, University of Niš, Serbia - Anatoly Rozenfeld, University of Wollongong, Australia - Nataša Todorović, University of Novi Sad, Serbia - Shinji Tokonami, Hirosaki University, Japan - Ercan Yilmaz, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey - Marko Zavrtanik, Jožef Štefan Institute, Slovenia


Goran Ristić, University of Niš, Serbia - Jugoslav Karamarković, University of Niš, Serbia - Saša Trenčić, University of Niš, Serbia - Milena Frtunić Gligorijević, University of Niš, Serbia - Vladan Nikolić, University of Niš, Serbia - Zorana Stojković, University of Niš, Serbia - Mila Aleksov, University of Niš, Serbia - Slavica Cvetković, University of Niš, Serbia - Tamara Milosavljević, University of Niš, Serbia - Milos Marjanović, University of Niš, Serbia - Aleksandar Ilić, University of Niš, Serbia

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