1st meeting of the "Ring of 5" network dedicated to airborne radionuclides at trace levels in Europe

1st meeting of the "Ring of 5" network dedicated to airborne radionuclides at trace levels in Europe

[ 7 September 2014 - Barcelona, Spain ]

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Ro5 task group here

2nd announcement

A one-day workshop devoted to the Ro5 European network for
the monitoring of airborne radionuclides at trace levels
was held on Sunday September 7, 2014,
 in connection with the ICRER 2014 conference.


Final Program

10:00 -10:45 - Welcome and Opening presentation
- Welcome. O. Masson
- Opening presentation: history, intention, and operation through remarkable historic events. How to improve it. H. Wershofen
Morning sessions
Session 1 - Trace events
- The puzzling rare events of high 228Pu content in the ground level atmosphere. H. Wershofen, J.W. Mietelski
- Measurements of airborne radionuclides from Fukushima in Germany: An inter-comparison of different systems. J. Bieringer, C. Schlosser
- Detection in France of trace levels of iodine isotopes from Hungary. A. de Vismes-Ott
- Detections of elevated levels of airborne Cs-137 in April 2013. A. Mattila, A. Leppänen
- Stratospheric tracers in groundlevel air? P. Steinmann, U. Heikkilä
- Release of 137Cs in the atmosphere of Thessaloniki, Greece due to biomass combustion. S. Stoulos, A. Ioannidou, E. Vagena, P. Koseoglou, M. Manolopoulou
Session 2 - Monitoring and Organizations
- Sampling and Measuring Program of the German Meteorological Service for the Early Detection of
Radionuclides in the Atmosphere. A . Dalheimer , G. Frank, T. Steinkopff
- Experience of radioactive aerosols monitoring in the lower atmosphere of Moscow. S. Gordeev , M. Ivliev, S. Konstantinov
Afternoon sessions
Session 3 - Methodologies
- 85Kr and 3H measurements in air around nuclear reprocessing plant: methodologies and applications. O. Connan
- Development of methods to categorize detections using ATM and historical data. J. Kastlander, L.
Mårtensson, C. Söderström
- Methods for retrospective activity size distribution determination: Calibration and application to Fukushima and Chernobyl derived filters. J. Tschiersch, T. Ohkura, O. Meisenberg
- Analytical method to determine activity concentrations of short lived radionuclides in radioactive series in inhaled air. R. Idoeta, S. Rozas, M. Herranz, F. Legarda
- First results of an HPGe equipped aerosol sampling prototype. T. Marti, P. Steinmann
- Spatial and temporal distribution of radioactive aerosols in polar region and its effect to atmospheric electricity parameters. B. Mysłek-Laurikainen
Poster session - Coffee-break and registration at the ICRER conference desk
- Cosmogenic 22Na, 7Be in ground level air samples collected weekly in Krakow (Poland) over years 2003-2006. S. Błażej, J. W. Mietelski
- Digital coincidence spectrometer with two HPGe detectors constructed at IFJ PAN. P. Janowski, J. W. Mietelski, R. Kierepko
- Size distribution of uranium-bearing aerosols in the surroundings of the UF4 processing facility of AREVA / Comurhex, France. O. Masson, N. Hayaoui, L. Pourcelot
- Radioactivity levels of 238U and 232Th decay series and related dose rates in the surroundings of a coal power plant using high resolution g-spectrometry. M. de Lurdes Dinis, A. Fiúza, J. Góis, J.S. Carvalho , A.C.M. Castro
- The atmospheric 137Cs concentrations in coarse and fine particles in the evacuation zonal, rural and urban sites in Fukushima. K. Kitayama, K. Ohse, K. Kawatsu, H. Tsukada
- Long term measurements of radioactive tracers at the Democritos GAW station. E. Dalaka, M. Anagnostakis, K. Eleftheriadis
- Gaseous iodine monitoring in Europe after the Fukushima accident. O. Masson, C. Debayle, D. D’Amico, A. de Vismes-Ott, R. Gurriaran, G. Manificat
Session 4 - Gaseous iodine
- The gaseous 131I measurements with modified high-flow air sampler ASS-500. J. W. Mietelski, R. Kierepko
- Development of a device for quantitative determination of gaseous and non gaseous iodine in air with high volume sampler. R. Rusconi, M. Forte, G. Gadaleta, P. Badalamenti
18:30 –19:00 - Closing session and discussion
- Closure presentation: Ro5, towards a community and a task group. Tools and aims. O. Masson
- Discussion

Presentation format: 15-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for question-answer



This workshop is organized by the French Institute for Radiological protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) under the aegis of the International Union of Radioecology (IUR) and with the support of the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA). It will be hosted as a related event of the next ICRER 2014 Conference and is open to all participants of the ICRER conference.

Contact: olivier.masson@irsn.fr

Professionals / Scientists