ERRS2024 - European Radiation Research Society Meeting

ERRS2024 - European Radiation Research Society Meeting

[ 10-13 Septembre 2024 - Aveiro, Portugal ]

Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2024

The 48th European Radiation Research Society Meeting will take place from the 10th till the 13th of September at the University of Aveiro, located in the beautiful city of Aveiro, Centre Portugal.

The objective of the meeting is to present and discuss the main and most recent findings and scientific research outcomes that account for our overall capability to address both the present and the future global challenges in radiation research on various fields. As such, we have a fantastic lineup of research topics, that go from space radiation and radiation physics to clinical, environmental and societal aspects, covering a wide range of radiation research areas.


  • Topic 1: Space radiation
  • Topic 2: Radiation physics, dosimetry, computational dosimetry and modelling
  • Topic 3: Particle radiation
  • Topic 4: Human and environmental health effects, including high and low dose/dose rate effects
  • Topic 5: Clinical, translational and radiotherapy research, including Radiopharmaceuticals in theragnostics
  • Topic 6: Molecular and cellular effects, including non-targeted effects, of artificial and natural radiation
  • Topic 7: Natural Radioactivity monitoring and evaluation of exposure and risk (radon and NORM)
  • Topic 8: Radioecology and environmental dosimetry
  • Topic 9:  Multiple stressors effects (ionizing, non-ionizing radiation and chemical stressors) and radiosensitizers
  • Topic 10: Radiation protection, emergency preparedness, radwaste and radiation countermeasures 
  • Topic 11: Societal aspects of radiation protection
  • Topic 12: Biomarkers for dosimetry and clinical outcome prediction, including  the use and potential applications of AI

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