SETAC Australasia

SETAC Australasia

[ 7-11 August 2023 - Townsville, Australia ]

Abstract Submission Deadline: 19 May 2023

The exchange of information, ideas and solutions for the sustainable management of environmental quality lies at the core of SETAC Australasia (AU). Central to addressing the environmental challenges currently faced throughout the Australasia region is the effective translation of research into tangible end-user applications for stakeholders in research, industry, government and community sectors. Building on previous SETAC-AU meetings, the overarching theme of the SETAC-AU 2023 conference is “Source to sink: Engaging with stakeholders to protect our environment”. The meeting will focus on the sharing and application of knowledge across multiple stakeholder groups with the overall aim of improving and protecting our environment.

The breadth of topics that SETAC-AU 2023 will address include Indigenous expertise and engagement in land and sea management and monitoring, climate change and disaster effects on aquatic systems, end-user perspectives and application of scientific research, developments to foster sustainable engagement with stakeholder groups, and current challenges and opportunities in environmental regulation.

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General Sessions
Transport, fate and exposure modelling of chemicals in the environment
Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
Toxicity of mixtures and multiple stressors
Terrestrial Ecotoxicology
Biomarkers and biosensors
Advances in Analytical Chemistry
Life Cycle Assessment
Groundwater and Salinity Issues
Human health issues associated with environmental contaminants
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment
Biological Monitoring of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Aquatic Toxicology Trace Metal Chemistry and Toxicology
Bioavailablity and toxicity of PFAS / PFOS Ecological Risk Assessment

Special Sessions
Indigenous Knowledge & Partnerships in Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring and Management in Major Industry Areas
Science-Policy Panel for Chemicals, Waste and Pollution Prevention
Assessing environmental benefits and risks in decommissioning (including Oil & Gas, Mining, Legacy Sites & Remediation Challenges)
Monitoring Challenges in Temporary Waters
Ecotoxicology in Weather & Climate Extremes
Environmental Omics & eDNA
Emerging monitoring technologies & developments in Environmental Chemistry & Ecotoxicology
Community-led science: Co-designing scientific programs to build knowledge and facilitate behaviour change
Art vs Science - using music & creativity in science communication
Micro (Nano)Plastics: Identification, abundance and fate
Chemical contaminants from plastics: source to sink
Environmental Regulation - Challenges & Opportunities
Great Barrier Reef - Emerging Risks and Resilience
Best management practices for pesticides in Australasia
Emerging contaminants, micropollutants, hydrocarbons, UV filters & EDCs Wildlife Ecotoxicology
Social & Cultural Challenges in Environmental Monitoring
Mercury in Australasia – from sources to sink

Professionals / Scientists