IUR "Ecological risk assessment of environmental radioactivity”, a new series of events on environmental protection

IUR "Ecological risk assessment of environmental radioactivity”, a new series of events on environmental protection

[ The new series of IUR Symposia, conferences and Workshops ]


1st Consensus Symposium - Miami, Florida, USA - November 2015


2nd Workshop - Aiken, USA - 2-5 October 2016


3rd Workshop - Essen, Germany - 16-17 September 2017

The third in the “Ecological risk assessment of environmental radioactivity” series of IUR symposia, conferences and workshops took place in Essen Germany just before the European Radiation Research Conference, September 2017. The aim of the workshop was to bring radioecologists together with radiobiologists to discuss approaches to protecting the environment from ionising radiation.



4th event - Stirling University, Scotland - 21-23 June 2018

The 2018 workshop has been held in Stirling, Scotland, focused specifically on low doses and dose rates in the environment and on the factors which determine the shape of the dose response curve at these doses/dose rates. Low dose ionising radiation effects on the ecosphere: Are high dose and dose rate data good (enough) predictors?


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