IUR Workshop - Radiobiology meets Radioecology

IUR Workshop - Radiobiology meets Radioecology

[ 16-17 September 2017 - Essen, Germany ]

The joint meeting ERRS 2017 and GBS 2017 which brings together the 43rd Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society and the 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Biological Radiation Research will be held in Germany, Essen, from 16th to 21st September 2017.

On this occasion, a satellite IUR Workshop "Radiobiology meets Radioecology" will take place in the Institute of Medical Radiation Biology, University of Duisburg-Essen, Medical School at the kind invitation of Prof. George Iliakis.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss some of the challenges in understanding the role of low dose radiobiological effects in impacting outcome of radiation exposure in ecosystems.

The workshop will be organized as discussion sessions built around key questions necessitating input from radiobiology and radioecology.

Participation is free but will be limited to 20 participants.

For further details and to apply to attend please contact Dr Carmel Mothersill mothers@mcmaster.ca or Dr Paul Schofield pns12@hermes.cam.ac.uk

For additional information regarding the joint meeting, venue and practical information, please visit the website of the conference: http://errs-gbs-2017.eu/

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