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*ISTA14* : 14th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment

[ Metz, France, August 30 to September 4, 2009 ]
Ecotoxicology for Environmental Health The organizing committee of the 14th International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment is pleased to invite you to participate in this fourteenth Symposium, which is to be held in the beautiful city of Metz, France, from August 30th to September 4th, 2009.   Please consult the…
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Workshop organized by the Radioecology & Waste Task Group

[ 4-5 May, 2009, at CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain ]
Task Group Workshops
The Radioecology and Waste Task Group, chaired by Almudena Aguero, will meet for a Workshop that is to take place at the CIEMAT premises, in Madrid (Spain), early next May. The main objective of the Workshop is to finalise the preparation of the next Task Group report including further recommendations about the needs for research and…
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IUR establishes closer links with NREA

[ Towards federating Environmental Radioactivity Associations ]
On the event of the International Conference NRE VIII that was held in Buzios, Brazil, in October 2007, the President of IUR met the Executive Board of the Natural Radiation Environment Association (NREA) in order to explore opportunities for establishing closer links between the two sister Organisations. NREA is a recently established…
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New Task Group on NORMs

[ Call for sustaining membership ]
Active Task Groups
IUR has been promoting much efforts recently to initiate a new TASK GROUP on NORMs in the Oil and Gas Industry. The envisioned final product should be a report providing expert recommenations on new specific regulations implemented in different countries and waste management policies. Jose-Marcus Godoy, member of IUR Board of Council,…
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Reporting on the UNSCEAR 56 Session

[ Report from the IUR representative, R. Alexakhin ]
In his quality of Vice-President of IUR, Rudolf Alexakhin officially represented IUR at the last 56 UNSCEAR Session which was held in Vienna, 10-18 July 2008. Within the various draft reports which have been discussed by the international delegations, essentially two reports have major radioecological relevance:…
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