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Session on environment radiation at next SETAC annual meeting

[ 14-17 November 2011, Boston, USA ]
SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry), HPS (Health Physics Society) and IUR (International Union of Radioecology) are organizing a session on environmental radiation at the next SETAC annual meeting in Boston, 14-17 Nov 2011 ( ). If you are interested in submitting a…
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Environmental radiation from nuclear accidents challenges the Radioecology community

[ Selected opinions and views from expert radioecologists ]
The current events in Japan are challenging radioecology as well as nuclear safety. An important issue worth considering is to assess what is the level of achievement of the scientific knowledge reached with regard to understanding the environmental impact of radiation accidentally released over the territories and the sea.…
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Last call: new Board election

[ Deadline for submiting candidacies: 30 March 2011 ]
The current IUR Board of Council is now reaching its term. As per the current constitution, it will remain in force until a new Board is elected. In consequence, the Secretariat is now engaging the procedure necessary to organise the election round.   The first step of this procedure is to identify the candidates willing…
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International Union of Radioecology expresses its support to Japanese radioecologists

[ Cataclysm in Japan and nuclear consequences ]
  The scientific community of radioecologists, spread in 56 countries around the world, is highly concerned since a few days about its Japanese members, who are experiencing a tragedy born from the uncontrollable forces of nature which are now provoking accidental loads of the environment with artificial radioactivity leading to…
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Radiobiological and Radioecological Aspects of the Chernobyl catastrophe

[ International Conference, Slavutich, Ukraine, 11-15 April 2011 ]
1 st Announcement On behalf of the Russian and Ukrainian Societies for Radiation Biology we wish to cordially invite you to attend this International conference in Ukraine. The conference will take place in Slavutich town (40 km from city of Chernigiv, 50 km from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (ChNPS) . It will provide a unique…
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Three open positions for PhD research at SCK.CEN Mol, Belgium

[ Biosphere Impact Studies Unit ]
The Biosphere Impact Studies of SCK.CEN at Mol (Belgium) offers 3 PhD positions for research on the following subjects:   Radiation and radionuclides in a multi-contaminant context: effects induced in Lemna minor (more details at Stress responses induced in Lemna minor by…
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[ in memoriam ]
It is with much sadness that the Union learns that René Kirchmann, Honorary General secretary of IUR, died on November 10, aged 83. Many IUR members worldwide have shown their great consideration to an inspiring colleague, and they are expressing their deep sorrow after the death of a man who was well known as an…
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