IUR Board of Council election for the 2024-2028 term

IUR Board of Council election for the 2024-2028 term

[ Voting period: 1 month, from 17 April to 17 May 2024, 12:00AM GMT. ]

IUR Board of Council election for the 2024-2028 term

IUR Board of Council election for the 2024-2028 term

Dear IUR members,

The IUR is more than ever determined to overcome the difficulties linked to the recent context characterized by uncertainty and complexity in many respects.

An international think tank as IUR is all the more important as nuclear activities are most likely to continue, with an unprecedented need to develop the knowledge necessary to anticipate their impact on the environment and life. This conviction is largely shared by our community members as demonstrated by the large number of candidates who proposed themselves to take responsibility within our Union. Seven smart candidates have emerged.

In order to best be able to prepare for the future, the current members of the Board of council decided in 2023 to include them all into an extended Board for a transition phase to last until completion of the election process. They all participated in a scientific Symposium (held in September 2023 in Dublin) designed to pave the path for future IUR directions.

It is now time for the next step: Designing the next General Board of Council for 2024-2028 through an election by members of the IUR community.

Election process to complete the General Board

  • The current Executive Board has decided to keep as much as possible members of the Extended Board established last year for a transition phase that will become the future General Board integrating more regular members than previously.
  • The IUR constitution states that half members of the previous General Board, i.e. 3 members, should stay on duty, whenever possible, perhaps at different posts, in order to maintain some continuity. This principle will be duly considered and respected, as much as possible. Currently, 3 posts are vacant and need to be filled.
  • The election process is therefore designed to classify the 7 new candidates by order of preference according to their respective proposals and in the sense of integrating (1) the next Executive Board, (2) the rest of the General Board called the Regular Board including additional responsibilities to be defined.
  • Each IUR member entitled to vote receive a personal dedicated mail including a link toward the voting platform.
  • The vote is anonymous.
  • The list of candidates, by alphabetic order, is available here
  • The voting period is 1 month long upon reception of this letter, i.e. ending on 17 May 2024, 12:00PM GMT.
  • The classification emerging from your wishes will be worked out collectively within the members of the transitory extended Board in order to design the future General Board including the future executive Board.
  • The resulting classification will be published on the web site by this summer.
  • The new general Board will be established during a General Assembly that will be convocated in
  • Marseille (France), at the next ICRER conference, 24-29 November 2024.

The IUR Executive Board
Per Strand                    François Bréchignac                Carmel Mothersill
President of IUR           General Secretary                    Treasurer

Professionals / Scientists