NKS-B RadWorkshop 2018

NKS-B RadWorkshop 2018

[ October 8-12, 2018 - Roskilde, Denmark ]

The NKS-B RadWorkshop 2018 will take place during October 8-12, 2018 at the historic town Roskilde, Denmark.

Workshop topics

 1. International and national legislation on decommissioning, waste management and clearance of materials, buildings and land

 2. Strategies, experience and challenges in decommissioning of nuclear facilities

 3. Radiological characterization and radiochemical analysis
         3.1 Sampling technique and strategies
         3.2 Radiological characterization methods
         3.3 Principles of radiochemical analysis
         3.4 Radiochemical methods for hard-to-measure radionuclides
         3.5 Measurement techniques (alpha, beta, gamma, LSC, mass spectrometry)
         3.6 Development of new techniques/materials

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Professionals / Scientists