ICRER 2017 conference - Call for abstracts

ICRER 2017 conference - Call for abstracts

[ 3-8 September 2017 - Berlin, Germany ]

ICRER 2017 - 4th International Conference on Radioecology & Environmental Radioactivity

3-8 September 2017 - Berlin, Germany

The aim of the conference is to review and discuss recent achievements in radioecology and related disciplines, as well as to promote continued development in these subjects in order to improve the radiological protection of humans and the environment.

The ICRER 2017 will cover the acquisition of basic scientific knowledge in research dedicated to any human and wildlife exposure situations for a wide range of radioactive sources and scenarios (planned, existing and emergency situations), as well as identifying new societal needs along with technical requirements for regulators and industry.

Submission of abstracts postponed to 10th March 2017.

Further information: https://www.iur-uir.org/en/conferences/id-91-icrer-2017-4th-international-conference-on-radioecology-environmental-radioactivity

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