Election results Announcement - The new IUR Board

Election results Announcement - The new IUR Board

[ For 2015-2018 ]

Following the election process that took place during the summer this year, we are now able to announce the composition of the new Board of Council general of IUR for the term 2015-2018, as it evolved from your votes. As per the rule mentioned in the IUR our Constitution, the voting process was restricted to members compliant with payment of their annual membership fee. The list below provides the number of votes collected by each of the 7 candidates, expressed as percentages of the total voting IUR members.

  • Pr. Alexakhin Rudolf 56,86 %
  • Dr. Bréchignac François 78,43 %
  • Pr. Godoy Jose-Marcus 41,18 %
  • Dr. Hirth Gillian 52,94 %
  • Pr. Mothersill Carmel 45,10 %
  • Dr. Sheppard Steve 70,59 %
  • Dr. Strand Per 88,24 %

The first six candidates are therefore declared elected. In addition, the Executive Board has been subsequently identified by collective and unanimous agreement, resulting in the following:

  • Dr. Strand Per, President
  • Pr. Alexakhin Rudolf, Vice-President
  • Dr. Bréchignac François, General Secretary
  • Pr. Mothersill Carmel, Treasurer
  • Dr. Hirth Gillian
  • Dr. Sheppard Steve

For practical reasons, this new Board of Council general came into force on December 31st, 2015, with a subsequent transition phase of a few months for the Treasurer duty in order to allow setting up all new formalities with the bank administration. Election of the additional part of the Board of Council regional will be processed early next year.

IUR is very pleased to welcome two ladies and prominent colleagues within the IUR Board of Council to lead our Union towards its future achievements.

We are all committed to serve our Union with full dedication to promote Radioecology worldwide in order to inform society and decision makers with high-level scientific information about all radioactivity relevant environmental issues and nuclear risks.

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