2 new IUR Task Groups

2 new IUR Task Groups

Task groups are formed in order to perform a defined task e.g. production of IUR scientific Report, Position Paper, scientific event etc. Membership of, and participation in, a Task Group is by nomination and invitation only.

Recently established new Task Group are:

  • 2nd IUR Ecosystem Approach Task Group

“Ecological risk assessment of radiation - putting the ecosystem approach into practice”

The final findings of the 1st IUR Ecosystem Approach Task Group have been assembled in a report published within the IUR Report series which provides extensive review and discussion together with R&D needs and recommendations to the radiation protection community (IUR Report n° 7).

The primary objective of this 2nd Task Group is to work out possible practical methods to achieve ecological risk assessment in line with an ecosystem approach.

Read more: https://www.iur-uir.org/en/task-groups/id-21-2d-iur-ecosystem-approach-task-group

  • Ring of Five Task Group

The "Ring of Five" (Ro5) is an informal club based in Europe with the purpose of exchanging data on occasional concentrations of man-made radionuclides in the atmosphere.

The Ro5 Task Group is being set up with the overall objective of widening the network and promoting it with more activity and more visibility based on exploiting the IUR web site. The TG shall assess in particular the following more detailed and provisional objectives:

First, the Ro5 Task Group will work on detection of airborne radionuclides and inform partners of any significant and abnormal rising level.

Read more: https://www.iur-uir.org/en/task-groups/id-22--ring-of-five-task-group

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