Ecosystem approach task group report now published

Ecosystem approach task group report now published

[ IUR Report n° 7, 2012, 89 pages ]

The report from the work assigned to the "Ecosystem approach" task group is now released within the IUR report series, as IUR Report n° 7 - 2nd edition, entitled "Towards an ecosystem approach for environment protection with emphasis on radiological hazards".

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The scientific analysis proposed in this report is aimed at demonstrating that a more holistic view when developing the scientific foundation for the radiological protection of the environment is required.  Meant to stimulate Research & Development efforts in this direction, this document is therefore particularly intended to the researcher community in this field, but also in all neighbour fields focused on advancing knowledge and understanding about impact of stressors on the environment. It is also intended to all professionals interested about, or concerned with, environmental protection, such as regulatory authorities and professionals, nuclear facilities operators including those to deal with waste storage and management, policy and decision makers and all stakeholders concerned with the potential impact of radiation on ecosystems, who will find here some clues to accessing a broader view with a widened scope over a risk that is highly ranked by society.

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The task group assembling radioecologists together with expert scientists from non-radiation fields of environment protection was composed as follows:

- Clare Bradshaw (Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University, Sweden),
- François Bréchignac (Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety, IRSN, France),
- Simon Carroll (Center for Biological Diversity, Sweden),
- Soichi Fuma (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan),
- Lars Håkanson (Uppsala University, Sweden), 
- Alicja Jaworska (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, NRPA, Norway),
- Larry Kapustka (SLR Consulting, Canada), Isao Kawaguchi (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan),
- Luigi Monte (National Agency for New technologies, Energy and the Environment, ENEA, Italy),
- Deborah Oughton (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway),
- Tatiana Sazykina (Typhoon, Obninsk, Russia),
- Per Strand (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, NRPA, Norway).
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