Last call: new Board election

Last call: new Board election

[ Deadline for submiting candidacies: 30 March 2011 ]

The current IUR Board of Council is now reaching its term. As per the current constitution, it will remain in force until a new Board is elected. In consequence, the Secretariat is now engaging the procedure necessary to organise the election round.


The first step of this procedure is to identify the candidates willing to hold one or the other position within the Board of Council during the next 4 years term 2011-2014.  Any IUR member, compliant with its due annual membership fee, is eligible. Any candidate is also meant to take an active role in improving the audience of Radioecology and its related scientific community by all means such as promoting scientific developments, publication, education and information exchange. I am therefore calling all IUR members willing to take such responsibilities to let me know in writing. 


All candidacies must be directed to the IUR Secretariat, either by surface mail or by email  ( before the 30th of March 2011, and will necessarily need to include:

-  a declaration of candidacy, mentioning the name, first name, address, email and current professional position of the candidate,

-  a declaration of the position expected to be held within the Board of Council,

-  a declaration of intention mentioning the various aspects of the candidate's projects to be executed if successfully elected, such as a programme of action, a development strategy for the IUR, etc...


A secret ballot vote will be organised shortly next, durring April-May 2011. Further practical indications will be given in due time to each IUR member.


François Bréchignac

IUR President

Professionals / Scientists