Radiobiological and Radioecological Aspects of the Chernobyl catastrophe

Radiobiological and Radioecological Aspects of the Chernobyl catastrophe

[ International Conference, Slavutich, Ukraine, 11-15 April 2011 ]

1st Announcement

On behalf of the Russian and Ukrainian Societies for Radiation Biology we wish to cordially invite you to attend this International conference in Ukraine. The conference will take place in Slavutich town (40 km from city of Chernigiv, 50 km from Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (ChNPS) . It will provide a unique opportunity to present your findings related to 25 years studies over radiobiological and radioecological consequences of Chernobyl disaster and to discuss that with colleagues from around the world. Now, a quarter of a century later, the time has come to evaluate radiological, biochemical, molecular mechanisms of low dose chronic radiation effects on human and biota. But also, to make conclusion about biogeochemical transformations of radionuclides in ecosystems. The aim of the conference is to provide theoretical findings which are background to improve nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear accidents around the world.

Prof. Elena Burlakova,   Prof. Dmitro Grodzinsky

Chair persons, Organizing Committee

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