Journal of Environmental Radioactivity affiliated to IUR

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity affiliated to IUR

[ Memorandum of Understanding ]

Memorandum of Understanding signed on 11-28 April 2008


Considering that there is a mutual interest in promoting closer cooperation between IUR and the international scientific "Journal of Environmental Radioactivity" (JENR, Elsevier), Nicolette van Dijk, in quality of Publisher of JENR, and François Bréchignac, in quality of President of IUR, recently negotiated with success an agreement for collaboration between both parties.

The Memorandum of Understanding that has been signed on April 2008 provides IUR members with easier and cheaper access to the Journal.

Registered IUR members, provided clearance of their annual fee payment, will be offered access to a subscription to the electronic version of the Journal at the very preferential rate of 20 euros per annum. A specific procedure will be implemented on the IUR website for direct access to e-subscription.




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