New Task Group on NORMs

New Task Group on NORMs

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IUR has been promoting much efforts recently to initiate a new TASK GROUP on NORMs in the Oil and Gas Industry. The envisioned final product should be a report providing expert recommenations on new specific regulations implemented in different countries and waste management policies.

Jose-Marcus Godoy, member of IUR Board of Council, has been appointed to initiate first contacts with some industrial companies that could be interested and concerned. Provided his strong background expertise in this field, he currently deploys much enthusiastic efforts to launch this new project.

In order to ensure a successful interactive and dynamic scientific work, its is essential that this Task Group could involve a panel of members from different countries and include the point of view from industry, regulatory agencies and scientist organizations.

Any relevant individual or organization may be considered for joining this project pending to appropriate prior registration as an individual IUR member, or through its own organization by joining the IUR scheme for sustaining membership (

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