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Training Courses

Radioecology Courses - Centre for Environmental Radioactivity, CERAD, Norway
2018-08-22 - Radioecology

[ 9 - 25 January 2019 at NMBU (Campus Aas), Norway ]
CERAD offers intensive courses in Radioecology (5 ECTS) and Experimental Radioecology (10 ECTS). The courses will run in parallel over 2,5 weeks from January 9th to January 25th, 2019 at NMBU (Campus Aas), 30 min by train south of Oslo. To apply for admission to the courses please contact Ole Christian Lind (olelin@nmbu.no) to obtain a registration form. Deadline for… Read more >>

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in radioecology - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, USA
2018-08-02 - Radioecology

[ During summer ]
Radiological Monitoring Outreach and Education Program at Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL) Program description: Participants will spend 10 weeks at the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL), a research unit of the University of Georgia located on the US Department of Energy Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina, where they have the opportunity to gain hands-on training… Read more >>

Courses in Radioecology (MSc and PhD level)
2016-11-17 - Radioecology

[ 10-27 January 2017 - Åas, Norway ]
The CERAD (Centre of Environmental Radioactivity), Centre of Excellence based at NMBU, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), organizes Courses in Radioecology (MSc and PhD level) from 10th to 27th January 2017, in Ås, Norway 1. Experimental radioecology2. RadioecologyObjectives After the course the students should have an overview over radioecology and be able to conduct… Read more >>

IUR supports training with the ERICA Tool as a contribution to assessing wildlife protection from radiation
2014-09-18 - Environment

[ ERICA Tool is a user friendly software programme to estimate risks from radiation exposure to selected biota ]
ERICA is an integrated approach to assess the biological impacts of radiation to non-human biota. The ERICA Integrated Approach combines elements of environmental management, risk characterisation and impact assessment. Central to the ERICA integrated approach is the quantification of risk to wildlife whereby data on environmental transfer and dosimetry are combined to provide a… Read more >>

MSc/PhD Course in Risk Assessment
2014-03-26 - Environment

[ 10-20th June - Norway ]
Assessing Risk to Humans and the Environment A STAR/DoReMi course on Risk Assessment including training in the ERICA tool will be held at NMBU. The aim of the course is to give students a grounding in the theory ans skills needed to carry out environmental risk assessment for humans and non-human organisms. The course is open to any MSc and PhD students as well as professionals, but… Read more >>

Training course on mixture toxicity in the frame of the STAR project
2013-12-12 - Environment

[ 27-30 September 2014 - Mol, Belgium ]
The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN as Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology is an important partner for education and training projects in Belgium as well as at international level.  If you wanted to know all about the possible interactions of different stressors on organisms and the implication of this in risk assessment you should enrol for an inspiring… Read more >>

Environmental Radiation Protection Curriculum - USA
2012-03-12 - Environment

[ Univeristy of Georgia - University of South Carolina - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory ]
The ERP Curriculum is a multi-disciplinary certification program designed to expand student participation within the broader environmental and public health programs of the collaborating institutions. Technical training addressing the “Radiochemistry / Radiobiology” and the “Health Physics” disciplines within the NRC Nuclear Education Grant Program.… Read more >>

European Master in Radioecology
2009-12-30 - Radioecology

[ Environmental risks form radioactive nuclides ]
IUR supports the Master in Radioecology "Environmental risks from radioactive nuclides" which is run at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Aas, Norway. Radioecology is a key research area ranging from nuclear  sources to impact and risk assessments and radiation  protection. In a  diverse learning process, you will gain  knowledge about radioecology;… Read more >>

Building and Integrated Management System model for radioecological laboratories
2009-12-04 - Radioecology

[ Questionnaire issued by the University of Sao Paulo, Institute for Energy and Nuclear Research (IPEN) ]
The questionnaire enclosed relates to an exploratory study for a Master dissertation, focused on the study of the best practices on Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Work Safety and Health) targeting an IMS conceptual model for Radioecological Laboratories. The overal IUR membership is concerned and called to fill in the questionnaire, the result of which being expected… Read more >>

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