Last updated : November 30 2020

Task Groups

Task group on Radioecology in arid regions
2015-12-29 >> Recently established new Task Group

[ Co-Chairs: Gabriele Voigt (gabi_voigt@yahoo.de) and Natalia Semioshkina (semioschkina@gmail.com) ]
Climatic change is already happening and shows impact on the earth's environment like the melting of glaciers and the rise of the sea level. In the long term, however, despite the concrete actions that seem to be engaged following the COP 21 signature by almost 200 countries, temperature will continue to raise resulting in scarcity of energy and water resources, and leaving vast… Read more >>

2d Joint IUR/CERAD Ecosystem approach Task group
2013-10-17 >> Recently established new Task Group

[ Chair: François Bréchignac - francois.brechignac@irsn.fr – Co-Chair: Clare Bradshaw - clare.bradshaw@su.se ]
NEW: See the plenary lecture given at ICRER 2014 STATEMENT OF WORK  “Ecological risk assessment of radiation - putting the ecosystem approach into practice”  2nd “Ecosystem approach” IUR/CERAD* Task Group 1. Overall context In recent years, under the notable incentive of an IUR Task Group initiated as early as 1997, the issue of the… Read more >>

Non-lethal methods in Radioecology
2011-08-24 >> Recently established new Task Group

[ Chair: Mike Wood (m.d.wood@salford.ac.uk); Co-chair: Carmel Mothersill (mothers@mcmaster.ca) ]
Overall context The conventional approach to determining contaminant burdens in animals is to use lethal sampling and analysis methods. Given the ethical considerations associated with conventional sampling methods and the fact that many species are protected, there is growing international interest in the use of non-lethal methods (e.g. Wood et al., submitted). In addition to… Read more >>

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