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Task Groups

Ecosystem approach to environment protection
2011-05-27 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

[ François Bréchignac (francois.brechignac@irsn.fr) ]
  Overall context In recent years, under the notable incentive of an IUR Task Group initiated as early as 1997, the issue of the protection of the environment from ionizing radiation has evolved and is now a major topic for radioecologists. Several International Organizations (IAEA, UNSCEAR, EC, ICRP) and national Institutions (US DoE, CNSC Canada, NIRS Japan, IRSN France,… Read more >>

Radioecology of Rice
2008-03-29 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

[ Leaders: S. Uchida, s_uchida@nirs.gov.jp & H. Tsukada, hirof@ies.org.jp ]
This Task Group to deal with radioecology of rice has been launched at the 3rd International Conference on contaminants in soil Environments in Australiasian-Pacific Regions that was organized in Beijing, in November 2003. It is co-chaired by Shigeo Uchida from NIRS (Japan) and Hirofumi Tsukada from IES (Japan), with initial members from China, Korea and Japan. The objectives are to… Read more >>

Radioecological Parameter Values - Update of TRS 364 (IAEA/IUR)
2007-08-29 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

[ TG Leaders: P.Calmon (philippe.calmon@irsn.fr) & G. Voigt (g.voigt@iaea.org) ]
This is a joint IAEA/IUR Task Group which is embeded in the IAEA EMRAS Programme: Working Group on revision of the Handbook of parameter values for the prediction of radionuclide transfer in temperate environments, IAEA-TRS No. 364 Next Meeting The next meeting of this Working Group will be held in conjunction with the Fifth Combined Meeting of the EMRAS Programme at the Agency's… Read more >>

Task Group on Ethics, Philosophy and Policy
2003-06-25 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

[ Taskgroup leader : Deborah Oughton, deborah.oughton@ikb.nlh.no ]
The main aim of this Task group is to provide a forum for IUR members to discuss a variety of issues concerned with the interaction of scientific research and policy making. The Group's area of interest covers philosophical questions such as the relationship and demarcation between "fact and value", the role of ethical and value judgements on decision-making and risk perception and… Read more >>

Mediterranean Fruit Radioecology
2003-06-25 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

The activity of this Task Group has been closely associated to the IAEA BIOMASS Programme that was recently ended. Although there is still a need to complete radioecological data base, and to expand to better knowledge on radionuclides transfer to fruits in all climatic conditions, the reduced present activity in this field does not justify today the maintenance of an IUR Task Group.… Read more >>

Soil-to-Plant Transfer
2003-06-25 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

In collaboration with the European Society for Nuclear Applications (ESNA). The Task Group has recently published the Proceedings of the 2 last Annual Meetings of ESNA/IUR Working Group 3, Soil-plant Relationships (printed by Fachhochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, contact: Dr G. Zibold, zibold@fh-weingarten.de). - XXXIst Annual Meeting of ESNA/IUR Working… Read more >>

Activity survey of radioecology in Asia: toward the Asian network
2010-04-30 >> Task Group in preparation

[ Leader: Satoshi YOSHIDA (E-mail:s_yoshid@nirs.go.jp) ]
Objectives In order to promote international network among Asian countries for radioecology (environmental radioactivity), following activities are proposed. 1) Reviewing Asian activities for radioecology (environmental radioactivity) 2) Organizing Workshop 3) Summer school for young scientists in Asia (possibly: to be discussed)   Background Nuclear power becomes more and… Read more >>

Natural Radiation/T.E. NORM
2003-06-25 >> Task Group in preparation

Jose Godoy, Maria Belli, Hildegarde Vandenhove, Galina Lazorenko,... See the call for substaining membership. Read more >>

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