Last updated : December 11 2019

Task Groups

Mediterranean Fruit Radioecology
2003-06-25 >> Task Group completed or in termination phase

The activity of this Task Group has been closely associated to the IAEA BIOMASS Programme that was recently ended. Although there is still a need to complete radioecological data base, and to expand to better knowledge on radionuclides transfer to fruits in all climatic conditions, the reduced present activity in this field does not justify today the maintenance of an IUR Task Group.

Contact for past activity : Franca Carini, radlab@pc.unicatt.it

This may be reconsidered in the light of a new action currently undertaken by IAEA to start an international programme on “Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety (EMRAS) that would follow up BIOMASS.

Contact : Mikhail Balonov, m.balonov@iaea.org

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