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Task Groups

Task group on Radioecology in arid regions
2015-12-29 >> Recently established new Task Group

[ Co-Chairs: Gabriele Voigt (gabi_voigt@yahoo.de) and Natalia Semioshkina (semioschkina@gmail.com) ]
Climatic change is already happening and shows impact on the earth's environment like the melting of glaciers and the rise of the sea level. In the long term, however, despite the concrete actions that seem to be engaged following the COP 21 signature by almost 200 countries, temperature will continue to raise resulting in scarcity of energy and water resources, and leaving vast… Read more >>

2d Joint IUR/CERAD Ecosystem approach Task group
2013-10-17 >> Recently established new Task Group

[ Chair: François Bréchignac - francois.brechignac@irsn.fr – Co-Chair: Clare Bradshaw - clare.bradshaw@su.se ]
NEW: See the plenary lecture given at ICRER 2014 STATEMENT OF WORK  “Ecological risk assessment of radiation - putting the ecosystem approach into practice”  2nd “Ecosystem approach” IUR/CERAD* Task Group 1. Overall context In recent years, under the notable incentive of an IUR Task Group initiated as early as 1997, the issue of the… Read more >>

Non-lethal methods in Radioecology
2011-08-24 >> Recently established new Task Group

[ Chair: Mike Wood (m.d.wood@salford.ac.uk); Co-chair: Carmel Mothersill (mothers@mcmaster.ca) ]
Overall context The conventional approach to determining contaminant burdens in animals is to use lethal sampling and analysis methods. Given the ethical considerations associated with conventional sampling methods and the fact that many species are protected, there is growing international interest in the use of non-lethal methods (e.g. Wood et al., submitted). In addition to… Read more >>

"Ring of Five" Task Group
2013-10-17 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ Chair: Olivier Masson - olivier.masson@irsn.fr ]
Overall context The "Ring of Five" (Ro5) is an informal club based in Europe with the purpose of exchanging data on occasional concentrations of man-made radionuclides in the atmosphere. Back in the 1970s and early 1980s only few countries ran surveillance programs for low concentrations of man-made radionuclides in ground level air. With the emergence of germanium detector spectroscopy,… Read more >>

Radioecology in a multiple stressor environment
2010-06-20 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ Taskgroup leader : Hildegarde Vandenhove, hvandenh@sckcen.be ]
This Task Group has a long history. It is coming forth from the Task Group launched during the IUR-SETAC Meeting on the Application of Radioecology to Other Contaminants (AROC), held in Antwerp (Belgium), February 2002. The aim was to bring together experts involved in experimental research and model development in closely related areas of environmental chemistry and toxicology. Pollution… Read more >>

Radioecological sensitivity: an operational tool in federating radioecological knowledge
2008-03-31 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ TG Leader: F. Carini, franca.carini@unicatt.it ]
During the last decades, various needs have evolved concerning radioecology. The scientific needs are now requiring to take due account of uncertainties, modern techniques of spatialization, spatial and temporal variabilities, etc... The society needs require to be appropriately captured within the methodologies of risk assessment. The operational tools for decision making need, within all… Read more >>

Protection of the environment
2008-03-22 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ Task Group Leader: David Copplestone, david.copplestone@environment-agency.gov.uk ]
Background Following the publication of the Task Group's report "Protection of the Environment: Current Status and Future Work", the main emphasis of this task group has changed to one that focuses on the identification and prioritisation of the research requirements in the field of protection of the environment from ionising radiation. There is a pressing need to identify and help to… Read more >>

Arctic and Antartic Regions
2008-03-21 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ Task group leader: Mark Dowdall, Mark.Dowdall@nrpa.no ]
The International Union of Radioecology’s’ Task Group: Arctic and Antarctic Regions was for a number of years an active forum for those involved in polar radioecology although, primarily due to the heavy workloads of those involved as opposed to lack of interest, relatively dormant for the past two years. This Task Group is now being “relaunched” or reactivated with… Read more >>

Radioecology and waste
2008-03-20 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ Tempory Taskgroup leaders : Rodolfo Avila, rodolfo.avila@facilia.se & Irene Zinger, irene@facilia.se ]
The Task Group has been launched during the Workshop "Mobility in Biosphere of Iodine, Technetium, Selenium and Uranium" co-organized by IUR and ANDRA in Nancy (France), April 2002. The participants gathered around a consensus on the high priority for radioecology to tackle the problem of the management of high level radioactive waste. The objective of this Task Gorce is to promote the… Read more >>

2008-03-19 >> Permanent active Task Group

[ Taskgroup leader : Brit Salbu, brit.salbu@umb.no ]
The main objective of this new Task Group is to strengthen the competence internationally on environmental impact assessment. This is to be achieved based on using adequate techniques to characterize radionuclides species, linking and quantifying radionuclides species to sources and release scenarios, linking and quantifying radionuclides species to environmental airborne, marine or… Read more >>

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