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IUR “Ecological risk assessment of environmental radioactivity” event series – Position paper following the 4th IUR Workshop (Stirling, Scotland, 2018) now published
Environmental radioactivity

[ held 21-23 June 2018 - Stirling University, Scotland ]

Low dose ionising radiation effects on the ecosphere: Are high dose and dose rate data good (enough) predictors?

The 2018 workshop has been held in Stirling, Scotland, focused specifically on low doses and dose rates in the environment and on the factors which determine the shape of the dose response curve at these doses/dose rates.

Following up the brainstorming spirit initiated by IUR at the Miami Consensus Symposium in view of improving radiological protection of the environment, IUR is continuing its opening effort through supporting a series of workshops and seminars. The last one was hosted by the University of Stirling in June 2018 and was directed at sharing views and understanding on low dose radiation responses in the ecosphere. Discussions have been collected and summarized in a paper which is now accepted and online.

Position paper following the 4th IUR Workshop (Stirling, Scotland, 2018) now published as an open access paper in Environmental Research, Volume 168, January 2019, Pages 130-140 :

"The tubercular badger and the uncertain curve:- The need for a multiple stressor approach in environmental radiation protection"




Preliminary list of Workshop Questions and issues for discussion

See the Flyer downlodable here

While this is an invited workshop, applications can be considered from interested persons to attend as participants or observers.

Submission and registration: mothers@mcmaster.ca (Prof Carmel Mothersill)

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