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Three open positions for PhDs in the group Biopshere Impact Studies - Belglium
2010-01-26 -

we have actually three open positions for PhDs in the group Biopshere Impact Studies.
So if you know good interested candidates please forward this email. The guidelines can be found on the following link - http://www.sckcen.be/en/Education-Training/Guidance-for-young-researchers/A-career-in-nuclear-research

The specific PhD subjects and links are given below.

Multiple contamination with radionuclides and heavy metals: characterizing plant stress responses using duckweed Lemna sp. (PhD) - http://www.sckcen.be/en/yop/view/119

Dynamic Modelling of Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer (SVAT) in perennial ecosystems (PhD) - http://www.sckcen.be/en/yop/view/137

Modelling the dispersion of radionuclides in rivers (PhD) - http://www.sckcen.be/en/yop/view/144


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