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Proceedings of the XXXIIId ESNA-IUR Meeting
2010-10-19 - Radioecology

[ Viterbo, Italia, 27-31 August 2003 ]
Proceedings of the joint XXXIIId Annual Meeting of ESNA and IUR Meeting of the Soil-to-plant transfer Task Group, held at Viterbo, Italy, on 27-31 August 2003. Nick Mitchell, Vlado Licina and Gregor Zibold, eds. (2003) Fachhochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences, Weingarten, Germany. (ISSN 1611-9223) Send a message to the Permanent Secretary to receive this… Read more >>

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity affiliated to IUR
2010-10-19 - Radioecology

Memorandum of Understanding signed on 11-28 April 2008 Considering that there is a mutual interest in promoting closer cooperation between IUR and the international scientific "Journal of Environmental Radioactivity" (JENR, Elsevier), Nicolette van Dijk, in quality of Publisher of JENR, and François Bréchignac, in quality of President of IUR, recently negotiated with… Read more >>

IUR REPORT 7: Towards an ecosystem approach for environment protection with emphasis on radiological hazards
2013-04-19 - Reports

The report from the work assigned to the "Ecosystem approach" task group is now released within the IUR report series, as IUR Report n° 7 - 2nd edition: 2012, entitled "Towards an ecosystem approach for environment protection with emphasis on radiological hazards". Click upon the picture to download the report The scientific analysis proposed in this report is aimed at… Read more >>

An international perspective with respect to radioecology in the future
2013-07-30 - Radioecology

[ IUR Contribution to a Strategic Research Agenda in Radioecology ]
Two complementary consultations were conducted during the last months to identify research priorities: SRA consultation and IUR consultation. To feed prioritization, the IUR questionnaire examines in particular the influence of the context within which radioecology evolution and goals are considered: . Position of radioecology with respect to radioprotection science . Position of… Read more >>

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