Last updated : June 26 2018



IUR supports training with the ERICA Tool as a contribution to assessing wildlife protection from radiation
2014-09-19 - Environment

[ ERICA Tool is a user friendly software programme to estimate risks from radiation exposure to selected biota ]
The ERICA Tool is a software system that has a structure based upon the tiered ERICA Integrated Approach to assessing the radiological risk to terrestrial, freshwater and marine biota. The Tool guides the user through the assessment process, recording information and decisions and allowing the necessary calculations to be performed to estimate risks to selected animals and plants.… Read more >>

Towards a Federation of Environmental Radioactivity International Associations
2009-10-02 - Environment

[ Collaboration between NREA, SPERA and IUR ]
IUR conducts negociations with the Natural Radiation Environment Association (NREA) and the South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association (SPERA) to establish a stronger linkage of communication and support - as said Rick Tincker from SPERA - and to allow  the formation of a Federation of international associations dealing with areas related to Radioactivity and Environment.… Read more >>

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