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IUR establishes closer links with NREA
2009-01-19 - I.U.R.

[ Towards federating Environmental Radioactivity Associations ]
On the event of the International Conference NRE VIII that was held in Buzios, Brazil, in October 2007, the President of IUR met the Executive Board of the Natural Radiation Environment Association (NREA) in order to explore opportunities for establishing closer links between the two sister Organisations. NREA is a recently established Association that aims to discuss and resolve issues… Read more >>

New Task Group on NORMs
2009-01-18 - Active Task Groups

[ Call for sustaining membership ]
IUR has been promoting much efforts recently to initiate a new TASK GROUP on NORMs in the Oil and Gas Industry. The envisioned final product should be a report providing expert recommenations on new specific regulations implemented in different countries and waste management policies. Jose-Marcus Godoy, member of IUR Board of Council, has been appointed to initiate first contacts with… Read more >>

Reporting on the UNSCEAR 56 Session
2009-01-17 - I.U.R.

[ Report from the IUR representative, R. Alexakhin ]
In his quality of Vice-President of IUR, Rudolf Alexakhin officially represented IUR at the last 56 UNSCEAR Session which was held in Vienna, 10-18 July 2008. Within the various draft reports which have been discussed by the international delegations, essentially two reports have major radioecological relevance:    Health effects due to radiation from the Chernobyl… Read more >>

Symposium: Valdor 2009 - Values in Decisions On Risk, 8-11 June, Stockholm
2009-01-09 - Conferences

VALDOR 2009 REMINDER You are invited to submit abstracts until January 14, 2009. You find more information on the conference page. Read more >>

19th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Göteborg, Sweden , 31 May - 4 June 2009
2008-11-21 - Conferences

A special session on 'Ecotoxicology of radioactive substances' is planned for the 19th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in Göteborg, Sweden (31 May - 4 June 2009). Further details can be requested from the session chair Clare Bradshaw.Registration opens on 12 January 2009. more details on the SETAC website Read more >>

Radioecological response of the Black Sea to the Chernobyl accident
2008-11-18 - Radioecology

[ Newly published book edited by Polikarpov & Egorov, Sevastopol, Ukraine ]
This monograph is published in Russian, registered as ISBN 978-966-02-4908-0 (2008). Read the abstract in english language. A Table of content in english language has been translated for IUR members along with a copy of all Figures and Tables with legends in english. and more on IUR Publications area   Read more >>

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