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Announcement: NRPA International Workshop - "Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites: the Process from Recognition to Resolution"
2017-05-05 - Forthcoming Conferences

[ 21-23 November 2017 - Lillehammer, Norway ]

International Workshop organised by the NRPA in cooperation with the IAEA, ICRP, NEA and IUR on

“Regulatory Supervision of Legacy Sites: the Process from Recognition to Resolution”

Lillehammer, Norway, 21-23 November 2017

The overall objective of the workshop is to extend the sharing of experience on all the specific issues in the process of practical regulation and management of a wide range of nuclear and radiation legacies. Providing a forum for discussion of good practice and comparison of lessons learned will help in further implementation and maintenance of more efficient regulatory supervision of legacy sites worldwide.

Organizations with special interest in scientific research and regulatory supervision of legacy sites are invited to participate and/or give presentations. Presentations covering for advances in radioecological models and methods, regulatory requirements (doubts) and good practice in terms of scientific analysis, examples of radioecological supportive role in regulatory decision making at legacy sites are welcome.


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