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Report on IUR Regional Forum 2016 – Strengthening Radioecology in the Asia-Pacific
2016-12-16 - Radioecology

[ Workshop held in Sanur (Bali, Indonesia) - 4 September 2016 ]

IUR (International Union of Radioecology) and SPERA (the South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association) held a workshop, in conjunction the SPERA-2016 Conference at Sanur (Bali, Indonesia), 4 September, 2016.

This workshop on “Strengthening Radioecology in the Asia-Pacific” provided an opportunity to draw on the lessons from the IUR Global Forum and for the IUR to hold a ‘Regional Forum’ to re-initiate discussion on role of the IUR task group ‘Activity survey of radioecology in Asia: Towards the Asian Network’ that had been established in 2010, but had seen little progress following the great-East Japan earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Station disaster in March 2011.

10 talks were presented to share information about the goals and objectives of the participant’s organisations, ongoing research and development activities and their perspectives and orientations for the future regional cooperation.

The different presentations are available in public access on the page:


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