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Non-lethal methods in Radioecology: new IUR Task Group launched
2011-08-10 - Active Task Groups

[ Chair: Mike Wood; Co-chair: Carmel Mothersill ]

An IUR Task Group is being established to facilitate the development and adoption of non-lethal methods in radioecology.  Chaired by Dr Mike Wood (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), the specific focus of the Task Group is the development of international cooperation in the area of non-lethal methods for measuring contaminant burdens in wildlife.

To achieve this, we need a Task Group membership that includes:

  • radioecologists with expertise in tissue distributions for major vertebrate groups (amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles)
  • selected specialists from the wider scientific community with expertise in non-lethal methods
  • experts in analytical techniques that can be used to analyse small samples

The activities of this Task Group will be launched at a workshop that Mike will be organising in conjunction with the Task Group Co-Chair (Professor Carmel Mothersill, McMaster University, Canada).  

If you are interested in joining this Task Group, please contact Mike Wood (m.wood@mmu.ac.uk). 

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