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International Union of Radioecology expresses its support to Japanese radioecologists
2011-03-18 - I.U.R.

[ Cataclysm in Japan and nuclear consequences ]


The scientific community of radioecologists, spread in 56 countries around the world, is highly concerned since a few days about its Japanese members, who are experiencing a tragedy born from the uncontrollable forces of nature which are now provoking accidental loads of the environment with artificial radioactivity leading to fears of threatening the population health.


The International Union of Radioecology (IUR) wishes to express its full support to its Japanese members, both, professionally as experts in environmental radioactivity and health, but also on a personal basis as the pain currently suffered by people is unfortunately and obviously there.


The Union directs its thoughts especially to the Asian network Task Group which dedicated its effort in the recent years to unravel original radioeocological characteristics and parameters typical of Asian environments (rice crops dominance, specific climatic conditions, etc...).


The Union's network at large is ready to answer any solicitation from Asian radioecologists and related professionals, would any need appear that could be usefully tackled by Union's members.


François Bréchignac

President of IUR

On behalf of the Board of Council

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