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INSINUME 2014 CANCELLATION - IN SItu NUclear MEtrology as a tool for radioecology
2013-10-04 - Metrology

[ CANCELLATION of the 2014 edition (06‐10 OCTOBER 2014 - Uzhgorod, Ukraine) ]
Considering the different events occurring in Ukraine and the low number of registered participants, the Organizing Committee informs authors and colleagues about the decision to cancel the International Symposium (scheduled to be held on 6‐10 October 2014 in Uzhgorod city in the Institute of Electron Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). Dear author of… Read more >>

1st International Conference on Radiation and Dosimetry in Various Fields of Research - RAD 2012
2012-02-20 - Metrology

[ 25-27 April 2012 - Niš, Serbia ]
The First International Conference on Radiation and Dosimetry in Various Fields of Research (RAD 2012) will take place at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, Serbia, from April 25th to 27th, 2012. The aim of the Conference is to provide the forum for researchers and professionals involved with radiation and radiation dosimetry to exchange and discuss their… Read more >>

6th International Symposium on In Situ Nuclear Metrology as a tool for Radioecology - INSINUME 2012
2011-08-10 - Metrology

[ 11-15 June 2012 - Brussels, Belgium ]
The IRE (Belgian National Institute for Radioelements) and its subsidiary IRE ELiT, in co-operation with the IUR and the European Commission, are organizing the 6th International Symposium on IN SITU NUCLEAR METROLOGY AS A TOOL FOR RADIOECOLOGY (INSINUME 2012) from 11 to 15 June 2012. The conference will be organised in Brussels (Belgium), after having been previously held in Dubna… Read more >>

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