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Ecosystem Approach Seminar - how can EA be used in protection of the environment from toxic substances?
2013-11-20 - Environmental radioactivity

[ REPORT - 18 december 2013 - Stockholm, Sweden ]
CRPR and the International Union of Radioecology has organized a seminar on The Ecosystem Approach (EA): how can it be used in protection of the environment from toxic substances? Wednesday 18th December -  09:00–12:00Stockholm, Sweden A successful Seminar of the 2d Ecosystem Approach Task group has been held in the Geology Department of Stockholm… Read more >>

SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting
2013-11-20 - Environmental stressors

[ 11-15 May 2014 - Basel, Switzerland ]
SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting will be held in Basel, Switzerland, from 11-15 May 2014. This major international conference will focus on the most recent advances in environmental sciences and will provide a platform for how to implement this knowledge to improve environmental risk assessment and shape policies – from current viewpoints to future needs. Further information… Read more >>

1st meeting of the "Ring of 5" network dedicated to airborne radionuclides at trace levels in Europe
2013-11-08 - Environmental radioactivity

[ 7 September 2014 - Barcelona, Spain ]
More information about Ro5 task group here Download 2nd announcement A one-day workshop devoted to the Ro5 European network forthe monitoring of airborne radionuclides at trace levels was held on Sunday September 7, 2014, in connection with the ICRER 2014 conference.   Final Program 10:00 -10:45 - Welcome and Opening presentation - Welcome. O.… Read more >>

20th World Congress Soil Science - Symposium concerning radionuclide behavior - Call for abstracts
2013-10-29 - Environmental radioactivity

[ 8-13 June 2014 - Jeju, Korea ]
Inter Divisional Symposium IDS4 - Critical issues of radionuclide behavior in soils and remediation After large scale releases of radionculides into the environment, soils act as the major medium- to long-term sink. At the same time, soil is an important source for the entrance of radionuclides into the food chain and the environment due to different transfer processes. After the accident… Read more >>

INSINUME 2014 CANCELLATION - IN SItu NUclear MEtrology as a tool for radioecology
2013-10-04 - Metrology

[ CANCELLATION of the 2014 edition (06‐10 OCTOBER 2014 - Uzhgorod, Ukraine) ]
Considering the different events occurring in Ukraine and the low number of registered participants, the Organizing Committee informs authors and colleagues about the decision to cancel the International Symposium (scheduled to be held on 6‐10 October 2014 in Uzhgorod city in the Institute of Electron Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). Dear author of… Read more >>

Woods Hole Fukushima meeting
2013-04-08 - Environmental radioactivity

[ 9 May 2013 - Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA ]
  Fukushima and the Ocean - Exploring the Impacts of Radiation on the Ocean. A workshop dedicated to an examination of natural and human sources of radiation in the ocean, what was released from Fukushima, impacts on marine ecosystems and human health, public policy implications, and how information is communicated to the public.   This workshop is organized by the Woods… Read more >>

MSc/PhD Course in Environmental Radiobiology
2013-03-12 - Environmental radioactivity

[ 24-28th June 2013 - Oslo, Norway ]
MSc/PhD Course organised by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and Stockholm University, supported by DoReMi and STAR 5 ECTC accredited course open to any students and free. Course Aims and OverviewThe aim of the course is to give students an overview of the fundamental principles of radiobiology, but within the context of effects on non-human biota. As such, the course will… Read more >>

International Symposium - 50th anniversary of the Belgian Association for Radiological Protection
2012-10-18 - Radioprotection

[ 8-10 April 2013 - Brussels, Belgium ]
International Symposium on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Belgian Association for Radiological Protection BVS-ABR: "Challenges for Radiological Protection for the next 50 Years". Symposium topics- The evolution of guidance and regulations in a changing societyIn a near future, both the European Commission and the IAEA will publish their new Basic Safety Standards. This will… Read more >>

Workshop on non-lethal methods for measuring contaminant burdens in wildlife
2012-05-30 - Environmental stressors

[ 12-13 September 2012 - Jesus College, Cambridge, UK ]
Background Conventional approaches to determining contaminant burdens in animals use lethal sampling and analysis methods.  Given the ethical considerations associated with conventional sampling methods and the fact that many species are protected, there is growing international interest in the use of non-lethal methods.  In addition to whole-body monitoring, these methods… Read more >>

12th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements - ICOBTE 2013
2012-03-12 - Environmental radioactivity

[ 16-20 June 2013 - Athens, Georgia USA ]
Conference theme: sustainable remediation and management of contaminated sites The biennial ICOBTE Conference brings together scientists, professionals and policy makers providing a multidisciplinary arena for discussing the latest scientific developments concerning the biogeochemistry of trace elements and metalloids, analytical methods for trace element detection, speciation and… Read more >>

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