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7th ERMSAR conference - Environmental issues in case of accidents
2014-10-14 - Environmental radioactivity

[ European Review Meeting on Severe Accidents Research - 24-26 March 2015, Marseille, France ]

The 7th ERMSAR conference (European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research) of the SARNET network is organised, for the first time, in the frame of the NUclear GENeration II and III Association.

Created in 2012, NUGENIA gathers different networks, SARNET beeing one of them. The conference, open to both SARNET and non-SARNET members, will focus on the latest progress of international knowledge on severe accidents and will be an opportunity for researchers to discuss future R&D priorities in this field.

Two topics of interest to the radioecology community are to be addressed:

  • Impact of severe accidents on the environment
  • Emergency preparedness and response

 Communications on the Fukushima Daiichi accident and its follow-up are welcome.

See the Conference flyer

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