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Ecosystem Approach Seminar - how can EA be used in protection of the environment from toxic substances?
2013-11-20 - Environmental radioactivity

[ REPORT - 18 december 2013 - Stockholm, Sweden ]

CRPR and the International Union of Radioecology has organized a seminar on

The Ecosystem Approach (EA):
how can it be used in protection of the environment from toxic substances?

Wednesday 18th December -  09:00–12:00
Stockholm, Sweden

A successful Seminar of the 2d Ecosystem Approach Task group has been held in the Geology Department of Stockholm University, on December 18th, 2013. An audience of about 50 participants attended with representatives from the University staff, swedish industry, regulatory institutions dealing with chemicals, and many students.


- Towards an ecosystem based approach in radioecology for environment protection.
Francois Brechignac and Clare Bradshaw
- What are ecosystem services and (how) can they be used as part of the EA?
Magnus Tuvendal
- Implementing an ecosystem approach in practice.
Ulrik Kautsky
- Implementing the ecosystem services approach in chemical risk assessments.
Valery Forbes


Magnus Tuvendal obtained his PhD at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and is an expert on human-ecosystem interactions, ecosystem services and communicating sustainability science.

Valery Forbes is a reknowned ecotoxicologist from the University of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, whose research focuses on understanding the linkages between individual- and population-level responses to environmental stress and to use such understanding to improve ecological risk assessment and environmental management.

Ulrik Kautsky is systems ecologist working at the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Disposal Company, where detailed ecosystem investigations for a proposed deep repository for nuclear waste are being carried out. Such assessments include consideration of ecosystem changes over the next 100 000 years.

Clare Bradshaw is Associate professor at Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences of Stockholm University. Her research interests are aquatic ecosystems and the effects of disturbance centred on radioecology.

François Bréchignac is scientific director of the IRSN (French Institut of Nuclear Safety) and President of the International Union of radioecology.

Presentations on line

The lectures are available for downloading at this link: http://www.crpr-su.se/crpr_events.html

Organized by Clare Bradshaw (Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University) and François Bréchignac (IRSN, IUR President)

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